In the latest official apprenticeships evaluation employer and learner surveys show continuing improvements and positive outcomes from apprenticeships as well as some insights into perspectives on the Levy.

Published last week, these detailed surveys are the main part of the DfE’s official apprenticeships evaluation of the ‘standard of Apprenticeships on offer’ across England. The surveys took place in early 2017 (prior to the implementation of the apprenticeship levy) so results will provide an invaluable benchmark for comparison in future.

The headlines show that 94% of employers with apprentices made use of external training providers. Outcomes of apprenticeships were extremely positive for employers and learners alike, with the vast majority of employers reporting major business benefits of having apprentices. For example, 86% said apprenticeships helped the development of skills relevant to their organisation, and 84% were satisfied with the apprenticeship programme overall. Also noteworthy was that in general, the more apprentices an employer had, the more likely they were to recommend apprenticeships to other employers.