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Upskill your existing staff or let us find you an apprentice in warehousing and storage, business administration, supply chain and many more.

Apprenticeships are a great way for employers to improve the skills base of their employees.

Whether you already have an apprentice in mind or are looking to find one or more apprentices to join your team, FLT can help. From finding and assessing potential apprentices to supporting apprentices in the workplace, FLT can make the apprenticeship process easy.

We are an approved provider or apprenticeships in a range of disciplines including warehousing and storage apprenticeships, business administration apprenticeships, supply chain apprenticeships and many more.

The process will differ depending on your company’s size and location and whether or not you are paying the Apprenticeship Levy, but to find out more about how it might work for you just give us a call and we can talk through it!

Our team are friendly and knowledgeable and can talk you through the whole process – remember that the apprenticeship scheme is a great value way to upskill your workforce – and if you’re paying the levy then you’ve already paid for it!

Payroll at which the levy becomes applicable

Amount of training that can be offset against the levy


Government top-up into digital account

How to know if you’re a levy payer

A £3 million pay bill may seem like a lot, but even companies with 100 staff could quite easily be paying that (depending on how well paid their workforce is). There is an online calculator that you can use to estimate the amount of apprenticeship funds your levy will provide:


Anyone who recruits a 16 to 18 year old apprentice, a 19 to 24 year old care leaver, or a 19 to 24 year old with a Local Authority Education, Health and Care plan, will receive an incentive payment of £1000, regardless of if they need to pay the levy.

Small employers (fewer than 50 employees) who do not have to pay the levy are exempt from paying for apprenticeship training where the apprentice is aged 16 to 18, a 19 to 24 year old care leaver, or a 19 to 24 year old with a Local Authority Education, Health and Care plan. Non levy payers that have over 50 employees will be required to make a 10% contribution to these training costs.

Funding for non-levy payers

The apprenticeship levy also provides companies who do not have a high enough payroll to need to pay the levy with the opportunity of funded apprenticeships. Instead of having to pay into a levy fund, these companies will need to fund 10% of the cost of the apprenticeship training. The government will cover the remaining 90% of training costs.

Apprenticeship Service

What the levy can be used for

The apprenticeship levy can only be used to fund apprenticeships from training providers who have been approved to deliver apprenticeships. FLT training are an approved apprenticeship provider.

Levy funds cannot be spent on apprentice wages, travel, sustenance or professional qualifications not delivered through an apprenticeship.

Our Apprenticeships

Find out more about the operations, warehousing, storage, supply chain, administration and management apprenticeships that we offer both for Levy and Non Levy businesses: