Apprenticeship Standards

What are they?

Gradually over the next three years old Apprenticeship Frameworks are being phased out and replaced by new Apprenticeship Standards.

It is expected there will be between 600-800 new Apprenticeship Standards, compared to the current 250 Frameworks.

Some of these new Standards are already available for delivery; so at present there is a cross-over period where some new Standards are being delivered alongside the existing Framework.

However, once a new Standard is in place, the outdated Framework which it replaces will be discontinued as soon as it’s practical to do so.

What’s the Difference?

Each occupation will now have its own new Apprenticeship Standard linked to a specific occupational level. This means there will a better match between what an employer needs and the Apprenticeship standard. The Apprenticeship standards are proposed, designed and delivered by employers to equip apprentices with the knowledge, skill sets and behaviours they need in order to succeed in their occupation.

The new Standards are rigorous, challenging and require the apprentice to undertake a minimum of one year’s training.

 On Programme Training

All apprentices will receive a blended approach to their learning and development; and will consist of both on and off the job training. This will last a minimum of 12 months but may be longer dependant on the subject and the apprentice’s specific needs. Off the job training will be a mix of face to face sessions, online learning and group workshops, classroom sessions; which again will vary for different programmes and individuals.

Many Apprenticeship Standards will include NVQs and all will involve English & maths support, usually up to Level 2.

End Point Assessment (EPA)

A key difference between the old Apprenticeship Frameworks and the new Standards is the way they are assessed. To complete an Apprenticeship Standard the Apprentice will have to successfully pass a final End Point Assessment (EPA).

EPA is undertaken by Apprenticeship Assessment Centre who is independent from the organisation who delivered the training. The tasks that for the final EPA are set by the assessment centre, based on the agreed assessment plan for each Apprenticeship Standard.

As FLT Trianing provides the training element of the Apprenticeship we cannot undertake the final assessment, however we can help the Apprentice and the employer choose a suitable Assessment Centre from those approved by the Government.